• Professor B.N. Goswamy is an eminent art historian and known worldwide for his scholarship on Pahari and Indian miniature paintings. He has been a visiting professor at universities across the world, published extensively on Indian Art and curated major exhibitions at Paris, New York, Zurich, San Francisco etc. He is also the recipient of many awards including the Padma Bhushan in 2008, the Rietberg Award for Outstanding Research in Art History, and more recently, the Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research.

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    Note on the Theme of the Lecture

    It has been justly said that art always tells the truth, but at a slant. The painters of the past were all too aware that not everything they were painting would be immediately, instantly, understood for what it was, and that it would – and should – require a degree of patience, and being of the same heart, on the part of the viewer to make full sense of it: to decode it, in other words. To engage with the work was, and continues to be, a pre-requisite if we are to take something from that work.

    In his lecture – “TO MAKE THE INVISIBLE, VISIBLE” is how he has titled it – Professor Goswamy plans to lead us not to, but into, a select group of works of his choosing. In his own times, the painter was doing this in the ways known to him; in our own times, this lecture constitutes an attempt to reach out to the thoughts and meanings that lurk in some great works.

  • TALK by Prof. B.N. Goswamy


    28th October, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    NGMA Auditorium,

    #49, Manikyavelu Mansion,
    Palace Road,
    Bangalore 560052.

    Contact / RSVP: Nidhi Jaipuria
    Mob: 9845844442





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