Dr. Geetha Narayanan

    • Dr. Geetha Narayanan's details
      • Country: India
      • Region: Bangalore
      • Studies: Founder-Director
      • University: Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology

    An educator and visionary, Dr. Geetha Narayanan has provoked, inspired and influenced thousands of students and educational practitioners across the globe over the last 40 years.

    She began her vocation as a mathematics teacher in Madurai in 1971, moved to Bangalore and taught at Sophia Girls School and the American International School.  By 1982 she had joined a group of 5 other women to form a not for profit trust dedicated to education, then worked to start a private K-12 school, subsequently a college of art, design and technology, later centers of learning for urban underserved youth, and most recently new post-graduate programs for creative practice and research. Thus, she wears many hats—that of a teacher, researcher, administrator, facilitator, mentor and in all her roles she is “the curator of creativity.”

    Geetha is the Founder-Director of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology; the Principal Investigator of Project Vision, a research collective; a Director’s Fellow at the Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA; a Founder and Director of pepperSlate  innovation and design, a startup dedicated to early phase innovation through user experience design in India,; Regional Advisor to the International Council of the Society of Industrial Design and serves of the boards of many trusts and educational institutions.

    Geetha has time and again actualized new modes of educational practice that are guided by her dynamic vision of learning rather than schooling. The educational models she has promoted are creative, synergistic, and push beyond dualities, whether these pertain to art-science, mind-body or eastern and western thought and philosophy.

    As director of Srishti, Geetha has been a pioneer who has frequently re-conceptualized art and design education to enable students to make the most of emerging possibilities. As the Principal Investigator of the Project Vision, she has worked towards “conceptualizing, creating, developing, implementing and evaluating new pedagogies that will enable ‘leapfrog’,  creating capacities for autonomy and agency and also allowing for a proactive and positive engagement with our planet”.  Through Project Vision, she has “envisioned, articulated, co-created, iterated and documented approaches to designing and delivering learning in the middle grades of K-12 education and helped connect learning with livelihoods for underserved communities” (http://2012.blcconference.com/speakers/geetha-narayanan). In her work with children from urban poor communities, her goal has been to conceptualize and creating a learning model using new media arts and critical pedagogy.



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